Being one of the most popular mountainous area it is natural that livestock farming is developed though since a long long time. Dairy products are among the products that are produced in this place.
Apart from the slice of yoghurt and fresh butter you will find home-made sweetheart, jams and liqueurs made from the fruit of the trees that grow in the surrounding forests. Trachanas and the well-known Zagorian pies (pasta, cheese pie, meat pies), which are traditionally the trademark of the region and of course of Epirus in general, are also well-known local products.
Finally, in the mountains that surround the Municipality, they grow all kind of herbs with the best known mountain tea and oregano. There are many shops in most of the villages where one can find and try all these products. Locals have their own magic way of creating delicacies that definitely stay in the mind of visitors as the best memory.