Not only in Metsovo but in the wider area of ​​the prefecture of Ioannina, you will encounter many watermills and wells that the inhabitants used to water their fields and drink water. Many watermills are preserved in good condition today, such as the Gina watermill.

In a relatively short distance from Metsovo you will come across the watermill of Gina. It is located on the banks of the Arachthos River and is one of the most famous watermills in the area, while its connection with Metsovo and the adjacent monastery of the Virgin Mary is made with a picturesque cobblestone cobbled path. This mill, for many decades, used the power of the abundant river waters to transform it into a mechanical energy for the grinding of cereals in the wider region. It has been designated as a historic listed monument and after the total renovation it received in 1997, it has a permanent guard who during your visit will give you some basic information.