Lichnos Beach
The beach Lichnos is one of the most beautiful and popular beaches in Parga, located in a green landscape. Located 4 Km away from Parga. Surrounded by the green of the mountain and by the olive groves of Parga and in combination with the deep blue and crystal clear waters make it one of the most favorite beaches in Parga.
The visitors can enjoy a multitude of water sports (such as , Water skiing, parasailing, scuba diving, fishing, jet ski, wind surfing) while around this operating hotel units, rental rooms, picturesque taverns and Mini Market .

It’s worth to see:
The cave of Aphrodite (it’s said in mythology, that’s there swam the goddess Aphrodite).
It’s worth to do:
All the water sports such as (Swimming, Parasailing, water-skiing, Sailing with small boats, scuba diving, Surfing and much more).
How can visit:
a) By boat from the pier of Parga.
b) With a car ,as you come to Parga from Preveza or Igoumenitsa ,after passing the village Agia kyriaki, and before the entrance to the town turn left (there are relevant signs for the beach of Lichnos). When you sign out from Parga, the beach is about 4 Km on your right.

Valtos Beach
Valtos Beach is the largest beach in Parga with 3 Km coastline. Located just under the impressive rock that is built the castle of Parga. The clean and calm waters and the short distance from Parga has as a result attracts many bathers. Valtos Beach is covered by sand and pebbles, is relatively safe as it’s surrounded by the bay of the castle of Parga and the bay of Panagia Vlacherna, while the great length of coastline allows the natural renewal of water without the existence of strong currents. The visitors can enjoy a multitude of water sports, while around this operating hotel units, rental rooms, picturesque taverns and mini market.
It’s worth to see:
The monastery of Panagia Vlacherna.The small chapel of Agios Spyridon, which is located at the end of the beach.
The small port at the end of beach with many fishing boats.
It’s worth to do:
All the water sports such as Swimming, Parasailing, water-skiing, Sailing with small boats, scuba diving, Surfing and much more).
How can visit:
Can visit, by car, with boats departing from the pier of Parga as well as walk, or even by renting a motorbike and a bicycle.

Alonaki Beach
Alonaki is located next to the beach «skala of Odyssey».If you want to visit this beach you must follow a dirt path with scattered steps. The view is beautiful, the water is turquoise and the rocks are leafy. There are no canteens accessible in this beach.
The beach is divided into sections by small white rocks leading to the sea. The main feature of this beach apart from the forest that surrounds is the huge rock.
Is a protected place where it’s prohibited any human intervention, including camping. It’s also characterized for the exceptional clarity of the water and the density of vegetation, mainly trees and shrubs.

Ammoudia Beach
Reaching the Beach, you notice a wide beach with fine sand, relatively shallow with water’s temperature has sudden fluctuations from hot to cold. That happens because the waters of the mythical river Acheron release there. On the beach Ammoudia you can indulge in water sports such as ski, jet ski or sail still and possibility for the exploration of the seabed with scuba diving.
An alternative proposal for extreme sports is the possibility for kanoe kayak and rafting in the Acheron River. Amazing spot for a descent in the path crosses the river as the estuary. Even you can discover the secrets of Acheron with a boat ride and guided tour or you can do a horseback riding. On the basis of Ammoudia and Acheron you can browse to Ionian islands with one-day rides or multi-day cruises.
Apart from the beach in the village of Ammoudia you can enjoy your coffee overlooking the Acheron river and the estuary, as well as to eat fresh fish from the local Fish taverns .

Krioneri Beach
The most easily accessible beach in the area of Parga, a few meters from the center, with sand, pebbles and clear waters are the main “ingredients” of the, next to the main road which works many shops with souvenirs and local products, as well as many shops for dining, entertainment and the great advantage of access, has many visitors.

Piso Krioneri Beach
The beach of piso Krioneri is located at a minimum distance from Parga, behind the hill of St. Athanasios, small, quiet, prefer those who avoid the crowds of the main beach of Kryoneri.
It’s organized, with pebbles and some sand, with the quaintness and easy access are the main characteristics. You will find several shops restaurants, and small shops.
It’s worth to see:
The island of Virgin Mary, which is located just a few minutes ,if you rent a pedal boat, as well as the very small and secluded beaches in the area that is hidden behind the wild rocks. You can also make a stop for a swim in front of the imposing cliffs ,Skordas and Kremidas.
How can visit:
For the visitors who stay in Parga in just a few minutes walk .For those of you who live in the surrounding area with the car or with a motorcycle or even a bike. Also for those that live in the area of Valtos Beach with a boat even with a pedal.

Sarakiniko Beach
The beach of Sarakiniko is located 12 km from Parga, after Agia village. It’s one of the most beautiful beaches in the area of Parga, with fine sand and pebbles.
It is located deep in a secluded bay with turquoise and crystal clear waters. It’s organized and has several shops catering. In the surrounding area there are accommodation places for those who want to stay in this place.

Ai Giannakis Beach
The beach of Ai Giannakis is located 6 km before Parga.You will find it while  turning left towards the sea, approximately halfway from the crossroads of the highway Preveza – Igoumenitsa for the way to Parga, until the Agia Kiriaki village (village before the town of Parga). It’s not a big beach, and it’s has pebbles, small and larger as the bottom of the sea. It has many visitors because it’s tranquility and crystal clear water.

Agios Sostis Beach
Agios Sostis is a deserted beach at a distance of one kilometre south of the beach Sarakiniko. It’s not organized and for this reason when you visit you need to take care for the necessary.
The road access is quite difficult and for this reason it’s preferable to see and swim in the wonderful waters, using it as a means of transportation the boats that make excursions in Parga, in a route of 20 minutes.

Skala Beach
Beach is one of the “hidden” beaches in the area of Ammoudia. It’s just 4 km from the national road of Igoumenitsa – Preveza.
The road leading to the beach is paved except the last 100 meters that are located among the trees and end up in a place fit to park several cars. From the moment you leave the national road Igoumenitsa – Preveza at the point where there is an exit to Valanidorahi village follow the signs that show “Ormos Odysseus“.The exit from the highway is on the contrary by the side of the sea, but you will then pass under it and will go in the right direction.
The beach is fairly lower than parking in the woods. To get down you need to follow a short footpath a few meters and then descend about 35 steep stairs that will lead you to beach.
Before you visit the beach,you can admire the beauty of nature. The color of the water reminds a swimming pool and the rocks with the trees on the backs offer a very beautiful sight. A familiar sight is a few anchored sailboats. Seems to be a favorite destination for swimming in the many owners of small sailboats.
On the beach the sand is fine and grey. Neither seaweed or rocks or sea urchins. The waters relatively warm and very shallow for a quite distance from the beach. Under these conditions, the swimming is delightful for young children.The beach attracts every type of visitors (though not too many) or families with children and young groups of friends and couples. Canteen there is neither on the beach nor in the parking. The nearest is a kilometer further down the Ormos Odysseus Beach.

Ormos Odysseus Beach
The Ormos Odysseus Beach is located to the east of Ammoudia Beach and can be visited by boat or car. It’s a small cove with a sandy beach and dunes, enclosed by a thick forest.During the summer months, the Ormos Odysseus Beach attracts a lot of visitors, as also the other beaches in parga.The Ormos Odysseus Beach it’s the ultimate happiness of the camper. Free camping is a lot of fixed caravans and two permanent extremely helpful Canteens. There is plenty of free water for supply, but also enough peace in a clear sea with fine beach.