In Metsovo, the main street of Metsovo Square leads to the Averofio Garden. It is a beautiful park flooded with trees and plants that make up the entire flora of Pindus. Here you will be able to admire an extraordinary miniature of Pindus made with care and great effort.
Inside, guarded very well, is the restored chapel of Saint George, in front of which George Averoff prayed for help in 1840, before taking the road of foreigners. Since then he never came back. But he kept his word and sent money, repaired the old church and made a garden with all the trees of Pindus all over!
At the Averofios Garden you will find pine trees, firs, beeches, rosemary, holm oak and many other species of trees and shrubs that grow in the area. An incomparable natural sight that you will undoubtedly admire.
Beyond environmental interest, this park combines recreation, as in the same area you will find a playground where the smallest visitors will be busy in the best possible way. This is a sight that deserves your attention, a wandering that you should not miss!