A place where Amvrakikos Gulf crosses the Ionian Sea

The Municipality of Preveza is located at the northwestern part of the mainland of Greece, to the southern of Epirus, at the mouth of Amvrakikos gulf and it touches the Ionian Sea and the Amvrakikos gulf. Moreover, it is the capital administrative centre of the prefecture of Preveza. It is extended to the south of the port of Preveza, to the north, up to Acheron River canyon (Trikastro) and to the horizontal axe, to the west of the Ionian Sea, Monolithi beach, up to the east to Stefani and the edge of the peninsula at Laskara.

Preveza is a harbor of great importance to the Prefecture of Epirus.

Since 2002, it is connected to Aktio of Aetoloakarnania, by the underwater tunnel Preveza – Aktio, a tunnel of high technology. The Municipality’s current form arose consequently to Kallikratis Plan, aftermerging the Municipality of Louros and Zalongo into Preveza’s municipality. The Municipality of Preveza covers an area of 66, 8 km2, while the population is estimated at 31.733 citizens, according to 2011 census.