In addition to the endless hours at the sandy beach and the magical waters of the area, you can do several other activities and excursions. Those who decide to spend your holidays on the west coast of Thesprotia, note that the area offers diving, sailing and excursions to Paxos – having the dolphins of the Ionian Sea for you – in Parga and the surrounding villages. You can also rent an inflatable boat and plan a two-day excursion on the turquoise beaches of Epirus. Dive and admire the wonderful seabed and crystal clear waters of the Ionian Sea. You can also spend a few days discovering beautiful destinations just a few kilometers away from Syvota. From the city of Preveza and the Archaeological Site of Nikopolis to the cosmopolitan town of Parga, the surrounding villages, such as Perdika and Plataria, as well as excursions with historical interest in Nekromantion of Acherontas, the Zalogo Monument and the villages of Souli and Kugi. Also, especially during the summer months, combine rides in Acherontas River with trekking, horseback riding, canoe kayak or day trips with a rental boat that gives you magical moments.

What else to see

Ancient Village of Vrachonas
Abandoned traditional settlement with about fifty houses dating back to the 18th-19th century. Most of them are two-storeyed with vaulted structures on the ground floor made of stone of the area. To the west of the settlement there are ruins of a small acropolis of prehistoric times, which is essentially the only example of a fortified prehistoric settlement in the broader area of ​​Thesprotia. Vhrahonas was the site of the original settlement of the village of Syvota and flourished during the past century. Its inhabitants were engaged in livestock farming.


Polyneri Castle
An ancient settlement on the eastern slopes of Vrachonas, surrounded by a polygonal wall, is situated in a naturally fortified position, from where the bay of Plataria was controlled. There is a hiking trail (lasting about one hour) starting from Syvota, passing through the Ancient settlement of Vrachonas and ending, passing from the ruins of the settlement, to the acropolis of Polyneri.