With a focus on Ioannina, one can combine one-day excursions on a mountain or sea. To see historical religious and non-monuments, to practice athletic activities to see and taste the beauties and flavors of the region, to live and to be delighted with the experiences he will experience. Close to the coastal beaches and from there to the coasts of Preveza and the Ionian Islands, there is a destination that will be unforgettable for both young and old.

The gracious Metsovo
Metsovo is the capital of the mountains. A historic village beautifully built in a strategic location, with large mansions and cobbled streets, magnificent sights-museums, churches and monasteries.It is an ideal place for relaxation and gastronomic delights, a base for action-packed excursions and a popular market for unrivaled local products.

An escape to Zagorochoria: just a must
In Zagorohoria, man becomes one with nature. In many places you visit, you think he has not hit a human foot, so the sense of discovery is cultivated. Zagorohoria is the conversation with nature and people, it shows the highest density of stone bridges in the country, which took the name from their donor. An enormous network connects the villages with each other. Stairs, bridges, cobbled paths, paths. Today, this whole network forms a huge ambulance park for every taste. It’s a sport that just needs a good mood. The whole area is a natural museum with a rich cultural heritage.

The unknown thus charming Tzoumerka
They are not crowded as Zagorohoria, but the villages in Tzoumerka are jewels of folk tradition and nature. Kalarrytes, Syrrako, Pramanta, Katsanohoria and so many others. Villages, perched on the Athamanian Mountains, amazing landscapes that are deeply stored in your mind and on your camera.
Not only are the villages and their inhabitants, who write their own history in Epirus and enchant them, but also the wonderful wild natural beauty. The imposing Strongulla and so many other high mountain peaks, dozens of rivers, streams, deep ravines, bare rocks, watermills and elaborate stone bridges, such as Plaka’s famous, collapsed and restored. Already, you will be thrilled by the route up there, but do not miss the opportunity for a dip in the cool waters of the “Paradise Gate”, as it is called.

Daily trips to the Ionian Sea
Ioannina can have their magic lake but visitors can enjoy some sea time in a short escape, just an hour away. The destinations, such as Igoumenitsa, Preveza, Parga, Sivota,  are so cool and you need only  a few hours to spend your time amazingly and explore Epirus beyond beautiful Ioannina.