The Estuaries of Kalama
Sea water of the river and the sweet water are mixed slowly at  the estuaries of Kalama . Thanks to this slow mixing form ecosystems: lagoons, freshwater marshes, saltwater marshes, thickets of reeds, marshes fango.Tutti of these ecosystems have a great value for the support of the lives of migratory birds.
The marshes provide birds traveling over Western Greece each year, food, rest and protection from harm.
These stations of rest during the migration are as important to birds as areas where you play or stay for the winter. The number of cormorants, which overwinter at Kalama, was in excess of 1% of their population in the eastern Mediterranean.

Lake with the waterlilies – Marshe of Kalodiki
In the southern prefecture of Thesprotia is the Marshe of Kalodiki is, in the wild landscape, another station for migratory birds. Surrounded by mountains and large pole differs from the mouth of the Kalama. Many aquatic birds (herons, ducks, potamides) find refuge in the stalk.
Birds of prey as herons, ducks, warlblers, come from the surrounding mountains to pursue. In the north, a large area covered by waterlily. Late May of flower, the State offers a unique spectacle.

Where to go and how:
From Igoumenitsa, follow the National Highway to Parga. Shortly after Margariti before crossing for Parga, the amount of the settlement form, you reveal the water surface of the State. Enjoy the view from various locations near the road, or take a little time to walk the path around the wetland. With binoculars, you discover, among the reeds and other aquatic plants, birds and wonderful parydatia perhaps someone beaver under the sun.. .
During your visit, remember that the birds and the  other animals, which find refuge in the State, they need solitude and are sensitive to disturbance.

Straits of Kalama
The flows of the rivers were natural passages from ports to the hinterlands and so many villages were built on their shores. The same happened to the river Kalama.Fortunatamente human presence has not negatively influenced the lives of animals in the area and the vegetazione.Fino now take refuge near the river animals and plants are rare.
The 13 species of predatory birds that live here, among which are the Griffon (Gyps fulvus), the capovaccaio (Neophron percnopterus), golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), the eagle (Circaetus gallicus) were privileggiati by the presence of pastures. Inside the ponds and streams, you can find the frog dell’Epiro and Otter (Lutra lutra), a mammal at risk of estinsione.
With great regret, in the’70s, was’ extinguished the golden jackal (Canis aureus) present in the area. Today, the wolf, the deer (Capreolus capreolus), the European wild cat (Felis silvestris) without the environment’s surveillance are threaten of extinction.