Cutting to the chase …Metsovo has a variety of tastes to enjoy, with best two local types of cheese, metsovone and metsovela. The place also produces the finest dairy products, yoghurt, galotyri( milhcheese), butter, graviera and kegelograviera and many more, and is also famous for the production of wine, where at the first opportunity you should visit Katogi Averoff for a wine tasting tour among hundreds of oak barrels and stunning wine aging venues. Another visit you need must be the Tositsa-Averoff Model Cheese Club, from where you can buy fine products. And do not forget to take a look at the fresh and locally produced handmade pasta that the hosts make with love.

You should not leave Metsovo unless you have tasted the must dishes especially for meat lovers  such as lamb with cauliflower, Metsovo sausages, boiled goat, no doubt kontosouvli and pies. Pies , plenty slices of pies that have the originate  signature of Epirus tradition.