Paragea, traditional oil press
Α visit at Paragaea is an amazing guide tour  through the entire place explaining how every step of the olive oil production was made in this factory. Moreover you can see the modern way of the olive oil production in a brief video we have shot and in our history floor you can discover Parga’s history through the years and how the olive oil production -liquid gold- have affected our culture. The visitors have the opportunity to take part in a unique olive oil tasting learning all the secrets of the olive oil.
Opens Hours: Monday – Sunday: 10:00 – 14:00
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Souli Mills
The mills of Souli is the first attraction that you will encounter heading to the historic Souli. This is a beautiful location, while the feeling that causes is hard to be captured with words.
A riot of colors immediately surrounds the visitor, which in combination with the river that passes there and the picturesque landscape make the mills Souli an idyllic location. According to tradition, the old water-mill situated there were used by Sulioties to grind their grain with the water fall in the river from a height of 15 meters. Back from the old mill spring, the waters of the stream which then end up in the famous Acheron.
This area recommended as it’s suitable for enjoy a stroll down the trees and hiking, as long as there is a path which leads to the Acheron.
Those who visit the Mills Souli can enjoy the coffee in a traditional coffee shop in this area.

Cave of Aphrodite
The natural cave of Aphrodite is found on the beach of Lychnos, about 6 km from Parga, where the bay of Lychos hosts the famous sea caves. A boating in the crystal clear waters is a unique experience for the visitor, who will be impressed by the majestic beauty and tranquility that prevails. The colors formed in the caves by the rain water are unique. The largest of these is the Aphrodite Cave, which is only visited by boat. According to the myth in the waters, the goddess of beauty used to swim there … And who can resist in such a myth.

Trip to Watermill
The Lucas Mill is one of the ten watermills that operated until the early 1960s in the Anthousa Gorge and enabled the inhabitants of Parga and the whole of the wider region to obtain their basic food bread. The mill is recently restored and transformed into a small folk museum, and it invites the visitor to initiate the streets of the economic and cultural history of the place and to enjoy a journey in time, experiencing a unique experience.
Set in an idyllic location in the green and below the shadow of ancient plane trees, one can admire this luscious stone gem of Continental Architecture and experience something of the lifestyle of the past century. The feed of the mill with cereals was occured with a wooden mechanism called a cup. This is a type of box that has the shape of a pyramid funnel overturned. The basket is supported by four vertical beams that start from each end of the gyros and reach the roof. The millers themselves are also the millmen who learned the art from their parents and grandparents. Profession and art go from father to child. Undoubtedly, however, the most amazing route is the one with the tourist train that starts from the beach of Parga passing through thick olive groves.
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