Ioannina, a place full of legends and tradition!

Located in the Νorthwestern part of the country, Ioannina sits in the center of a valley, amongst enormous mountains. The town was built on the famous Egnatia Odos, the road that connects Europe with Asia, one of the most ancient routes in history, spanning over 2000 years, once used by the Persians and ancient Greeks.

From the Stone Age, the ancient Greek civilizations, the Roman magistrates and the Byzantine despots through to the Ottoman pashas and the modern Greek democracy, the history trail leads to the unmissable attractions of today’s multicultural Ioannina: six amazing museums, a unique primordial cave, art galleries, twelve churches, one synagogue, sixteen monasteries, twelve well preserved Muslim monuments, and an array of townhouses and public buildings of architectural interest.

Ride, wander, taste, LIVE!

But that’s not all. The simplest experiences turn into something magical in Ioannina! A walk or even a bike ride around the lake Pamvotida offers breathtaking views. Some experiences that you do not get to live everyday!

Walk in the town and wander in the silversmith shops. You will find the legendary craftsmen whose work and creations are known all over Europe. The local cuisine of Ioannina will satisfy the appetite of even the most demanding visitors. The local pastries of Ioannina are known all throughout Greece. Every last bite is a mouthwatering reminder why Ioannina is a culinary crossroad between Europe and the East.

Ioannina is the city that never sleeps. And how can it sleep with more than 15,000 students living here? The nightlife options are countless, especially during the summer season. The bars and clubs by the lake make for unforgettable fun under the star lit night sky. Summer is also the time of year when dozens of cultural events and promotions of local products take place as well as the famous village fairs.

No matter whether you are looking for an adventurous trip or want to enjoy the beauty of nature, Ioannina has something for everyone!