Travel to the city’s arts
Folk art is a piece of tradition in Ioannina. Its centuries of history have left indelible marks, so today, when we talk about Janniean art, elegance and quality come straight into our minds.
Argyrochioia in Giannena has its roots in the depths of the centuries, it presents its important activity since the time of the Despotate of Epirus and afterward, with the result that Ioannina today live moments of glory with their reputation over the narrow borders of the country. With the folk arts that, despite hundreds of years, have kept unchanging techniques and “secrets” of construction waiting for you all to fascinate you!

Visit to the Traditional Crafts Center of Ioannina
The Traditional Crafts Center of Ioannina is now a reality. In a central spot of the city of Ioannina, next to Lake Pamvotis and in an attentive space of 10,000 sq.m. silverware workshops, a museum, a cultural events hall, a cafeteria – restaurant and, of course, the Silver Craft Retail Shop. This is a place that everyone should visit in order to get to know the Traditional Janniean Art of Hand Made Silverware.
KE.P.AB.I. SA which manages the building complex consists of 44 collaborating laboratories that operate and produce in the KE.P.AVI complex. The visitor has the opportunity through audiovisual material and discussing with the artisans how to construct the objects that have made our city known to all over the world.
In the area of ​​KE.P.AVI will operate an Interactive Hall of Art History of Giannio Argirochorias which will exhibit tools and objects that highlight our cultural heritage, Cafeteria – Restaurant – Ouzeri where in an elegant environment next to the lake visitors can have a few moments of enjoyment and relaxation. In a careful room and in the central atrium of KE.P.AVI Cultural and other events are organized at regular intervals, so that the Traditional Crafts Center of Ioannina, apart from an economic center through the operation of the laboratories and the Handicraft Shop, will also be an important cultural point of the region.
Product availability
The Silver Craft Shop, which operates, is one of the largest silversmith shop in Greece. The 44 collaborating workshops ensure the visitor has the opportunity to choose from all the range of silversmith’s products such as jewelry, utensils, ecclesiastical items, gifts and decorative objects. The products available for sale are exclusively handmade items produced by the collaborating laboratories, which ensures the high quality of the products and the low disposal prices.

The Brand New Silversmithing Museum
The Silversmithing Museum is being created within the Castle of Ioannina (Its Kale) and more specifically in the western rampart of the southeastern acropolis.
The present act has as its object the elaboration of the museum shell and the materialization and installation of a permanent exhibition and additional / auxiliary areas and services, as well as the actions regarding information and publicity about the project.
The main objective of the permanent exhibition is to present the technology of silversmithing through its timeless dimension and to describe the intricate meshing between the tools and techniques used. Simultaneously, the emphasis given to Ioannina, and to the wider region of Epirus, highlights the socio-economic context in which the local workshops evolved, as well as the region’s particular cultural identity, which is closely related to silversmithing.