Waterside road of Igoumenitsa
The Gymnastic Association of Protea Igoumenitsa, in cooperation with the Municipality of Igoumenitsa and the Association of Sports Associations SEGAS EPIRUS, each October organize the Igoumenitsa Coastal Road.
This is a race track with 5 and 10 km journeys certified by AIMS, IAAF and SEGAS, while the 1000m race course is also held.
The event began in 2016 with participation every year being larger and has already joined SEGAS’s calendar.
The aim of the event is to promote sport and to attract runners from all over Greece and not only to compete and why not to get to know our place.

Music Week
In the context of its summer cultural events, the Municipality of Igoumenitsa and PAPPPO have established Music Week as an annual cultural event offering cultural and entertainment notes to residents and visitors of the city.
In order to promote and develop music education in our country, the Municipality of Igoumenitsa supports the Music Week as a cultural event, giving the summer evenings an atmosphere of relaxation music through the timeless and global language of music.
With the melodies of the Philharmonic of the Municipality of Igoumenitsa to be heard, as well as artists and bands, representing all kinds of music – classical, jazz, artistic, rock, folk and traditional – musical trips are continued throughout the week with a host of musical events.
It is an effort to develop participation, teamwork, solidarity and critical thinking. In addition, he cultivates in man the progressive thought and the struggle to claim a better tomorrow.

Festival of olives in Perdika
Under the support of the following organizations: PAPPIO of the Municipality of Igoumenitsa, the local community of Perdika and the Cultural and Educational Association of Perdika, has been established the 3-day summer event of olives and olive oil, where a number of dance sections participate, aiming not only at the fun of local people and visitors but also the promotion and projection of the local products of the wider region and especially of the quality oil produced in the prefecture.