Ioannina is a city that hosts events and events of all interests throughout the year. From sports, cultural events, music festivals, theatrical performances etc.

The carnival period has the most fun celebrations. So, in Epirus they are always celebrated with great joy. One of the games of the Carnival formerly met in Epirus was “Valmas”. A custom in which ten or fifteen people rounded a fire and were trying to throw a dancer in. The celebration began from Saturday’s first Halloween and ended on Clean Monday.

The Night of the Carnival in Giannena has the power of fire, as the custom of “Jamaila”, which comes from the distant past with special symbolism, wants it. The custom of Jamaala (camel in Arabic) refers to the lighting of fire. From Saturday’s Tirinis they make a circle of sand and in the center they secure a tall trunk while they put branches and logs around in order to burn the fire. On the last Sunday of the Carnival, there are great fires, and masquerading men and women dance around them. There is a great feast with dances, delicacies and wine. In the central square, the carnival events culminate and the carnival is set up. Twelve dancers keep from a ribbon and dance in pairs around the post so that the ribbons get tangled and color combinations created. The dance ends when all the ribbons are wrapped in the pillar.

Ioannina Lake Run
There will be also other races such as power walking at the 30 km route, the races of 10 and 5 km with the lake and the castle of Ioannina in the background, the original “mother with stroller” race, the 1 km race for people with disabilities and, last but not least, a race for children “around the streets of the Island”.
All these will take place during a week full of cultural, environmental and scientific events all over the city, in collaboration with the Region of Epirus and the Municipality of Ioannina and supported by local sectors, athletic and cultural associations.

Mountain Zagori Marathon
The Zagori Mountain Running is held in Zagorohoria for the last five years on the last weekend of July. More than 1,500 athletes participate, while with escorts, families and spectators the number exceeds 5,000. The 80km long route is essentially the tour of the Tymfi mountain and passes through dozens of villages and the most beautiful places in Zagorohoria.

Christmas & New Year
Ioannina is flooded by visitors during Christmas, as is the case with the city’s shops –food spots on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, where everywhere from lunchtime, all shops welcome people to celebrate all together. The barbecues at the entrances have their honorary and naturally abundant drinks, local wine and of course pure tsipouro. Don’ t miss the opportunity to enjoy the adorned Ioannina and one of the most beautiful winter destinations.

During Easter, Ioannina is ideal for visiting. It is a best place spending time of your  holidays in a truly traditional place with many customs and celebrations. It is also worth attending the Good Friday at the well-known meeting of the Epitaphs of the city, at Andreas Papandreou Square, at the Clock in the center of Ioannina. It is a custom that has its roots deep in time and is even referred to as a custom of the Ottoman rule in texts of the beginning of the 20th century. The Epitaphs after meeting together compete for the first prize of artistic beauty and it is difficult to distinguish the best