One of the most popular sports in recent years in Greece is the paragliding. In Glyki Thesprotia there is one of the best slopes for paragliding in Greece offering the unique view from the Acheron Strait.

The visitors of Thesprotia have the opportunity to participate in organized hiking groups on mountains and forest roads. Hiking is a unique activity as it provides health, wellness and pictures of magical beauty. An ideal place for hiking is the area in the Acheron River for both the unparalleled beauty of nature and the wonderful rotation of the landscape.
1. A simple tour of the Acherontas springs. It takes place throughout the year, and almost all visitors prefer it.
2. Sweet, Tzavelena ladder, Dala Bridge back through the river gorge. It takes 2 hours, easy, and runs from May to early October.
3. Souli, bridge Dala Glyki. Duration 3-4 hours, easy to moderate, and usually preferred by mountaineering and nature clubs. It is done all the year.
4. Mouli Souli – Acherontas springs.
Experts consider it one of the most beautiful and exciting routes in Greece. Duration 3-4 hours, and  the journey is moderate to difficult. It is from May to early October, because during the longest journey we walk in the water.

Rafting – Canoe
For fans of sports there is the possibility of rafting and kayaking- canoeing on the river Acheron. Acheron is considered an ideal river for rafting, even for beginners who try it for the first time. The river because of its sources , it always has water and consequently the sports, provided the weather conditions are appropriate and are made throughout the year.

Horse riding
Horse riding on the River Acheron is an unforgettable experience that all visitors deserve to enjoy once in their lives. It is a unique activity for both young and older guests who love nature and horses.

Scuba diving & water sports
In Thesprotia, guests have the opportunity to entertain with various water sports. Many of the beaches of Sivota and generally of Thesprotia have the proper infrastructure for various water sports, which attracts more and more visitors. A wide range of water sports are available in the area, such as water skiing and the parachute in the sea.