The cycle of seasons at Tzoumerka follows its own calm rhythms. Words such as awe and admiration are not enough to describe the splendor of the nature. Here, time seems to hang still over the gorges, the vertical cliffs of the ravines and the snow-covered firs that climb the rocks up to the naked alpine zone. The abundant running water and impressive waterfalls justify the omnipresent dense flora and satisfy both the physical thirst as well as that of the sense of sight.

Wandering around the National Park of Tzoumerka
The National Park of Tzoumerka, Peristeri and Arachtos Gorge is an open land area of approximately 820 km2. Its main aim of foundation is the preservation of natural and cultural heritage, as well as that of the wild life, along with the development of activities, so that all the features of the protected area ( natural, historical and cultural) remain intact for future generations. Within the National Park an extended area is already being protected under the existing national and European legislation, since three sub-areas have already been integrated in the European Ecological Network “Natura 2000”.

The Marks Stream, also known as “The Paradise Stream”, this virgin land is situated at the village of Theodoriana, the richest village in water springs in Greece. To reach there, one has to follow the trail in a forest full of fir trees and numerous fascinating waterfalls, forming bright green ponds.
At the picturesque village of Theodoriana, 1200 metres above sea level, lie the double Souda Waterfalls. After an exquisite and easy walk through a marked trail in the woods, one may come in view of a unique spectacle. The frozen water of the White Goura River, having firstly managed to split in two parts, forms two magnificent waterfalls, falling down from a height of 25 metres.
Near the village of Athamanio, one can trace the well-known beaches of Acheloos River. Below the mountain tops that stand imposing, the river forms small beaches which provide visitors with a sense of freshness. Acheloos’ crystal clear water is appropriate for swimming during the summer months. On one of those beaches lies the suspension bridge called Glystra – Golfari, which joins the two banks.

Springs of Klifki (Kalentzi-Arachthos area): It is a landscape of rare natural beauty in the heart of the Arachthos gorge. In the area one can admire the waterfall that is in a narrow narrow gorge and is fed with the underground river water, a large natural reservoir which gathers the waters of the cave and the canyon forming a 47 meter high waterfall, others smaller at a lower altitude, ending on the Arachthos River as well as an old traditional watermill. A beautiful place that has a recreation area and benches with  the view of Arachthos.