Konitsa is considered the town of kayak and offers the opportunity to enjoy this sport all year round, but also rafting, mountaineering, paragliding, hiking, mountain biking. Walkers will enjoy the ascent and adventure in the mountains of Smolikas, Grammos, Tymfis and will indulge in winter sports in the ski resort of Vasilitsa. They will enjoy the legendary Drakolimnes, the course at the Voidomatis Gorge, in the core of the Vikos-Aoos National Park and the course at the Aoos Gorge.

On the hill of Prophet Elias (elevation 1071m), above Konitsa, there is a landscaped paragliding landing strip. Here are also paragliding world cup competitions. On this hill, which offers fantastic views of the mountains and the surrounding area (the plain of Konitsa, Tymphi, Trapezitsa, Smolikas, Kleftis, Grammos, Nemertsika) is reached by a 2,5 km asphalt road, starting from its chapel Ag. Athanasios over Konitsa.

Fly fishing
Fly fishing is a great fishing and fun game. The fly does not use a bait, but a variety of insect replicas, the so-called flies, made of various materials, natural and synthetic. The rod and the mechanism also differ from those of other fishing techniques. The mechanism has a special shape and function different from the common mechanisms and is adapted to the base of the reed. Fly does not use weight too. With the help of the line that holds the position of the classical half-masseuse. The fisherman throws the fly and slowly releases the rush, making successive moves of the reed in front and back. The rivers of the area, Aoos and Voidomatis, can give rare moments of enjoyment and fun to lovers of fly fishing.

Winter sports
The ski center of Vasilitsa is 14 km away from Distratto and has 18 slopes with a total length of 19 km, at an altitude of 2249 m. It has restaurants, bars, chalets and two mountain shelters, with a capacity of 30 and 50 people. There is also a ski school and there are shops for renting the necessary equipment. Here the visitor takes the opportunity to indulge in various winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding, to explore the natural environment of the ski resort by snowscooter and to try downhill skiing on a snow-covered slope – it is suggested as an alternative way of fun in the ski resort of Vasilitsa.

Mountaineering / Hiking
The mountains of Konitsa are considered the paradise of hikers and mountaineers.
This is due to their large number and to their surface, combined with the fact that one is essentially a continuation of the other, thus forming a unified unity. The great variety of relief and vegetation contributes to this as well as the existence of many old paths that are still in good condition. The most important thing, however, is the preservation of several undisturbed areas, areas where no roads or other works of man have been built that could degrade the aesthetics of the landscape and lead to the disappearance of rare species of flora and wildlife. Many paths lead to the tops of the great mountains or connect the settlements to each other. Until recently, there was a great deal of extensive paths connecting both the villages between them and the places where the everyday occupations of the inhabitants of each village took place. Nowadays, in good condition, a part of this planned network is preserved, and especially the paths leading to places of tourist interest, as well as those related to the occupations and activities of the few inhabitants around the villages and the mountains in the mountains (livestock, agriculture , logging, hunting, recreation etc.). The remaining paths, especially those at the lower altitudes, gradually became obsolete and closed or replaced by motorways, so they lost part of their ambulatory charm.

Rafting – Kayak
The Aoos and Voidomatis rivers are ideal for rafting and kayaking and have easy and difficult routes that last up to 27 km in length.
As far as rafting is concerned, the Voidomatis River route is suitable for beginners, contrary to the Aoos River which is one of the most specialized in Greece, it is suitable only for those who have good physical condition and experience.
The most popular route to the Aoos River starts from the bridge of Aoos between the villages of Palioseli and Vrysochori and ends at the bridge of Konitsa. The route is highly demanding since it has a continuous high difficulty V and VI degrees, its length is 15 km and its duration from 4 to 8 hours, depending on the river supply. Downhill can also be done with kayak, monoraft or hot dog. Selected sections of the route, which have a lesser degree of difficulty, especially from the area of ​​Stomius Monastery and lower, can be made easier.
In Voidomatis the classical route starts from the Aristis-Papigos bridge, follows a green path in the Voidomatis gorge and ends at the exit of the gorge, on the Kleidonia bridge. Downhill can be rafting, kayak, monoraft or hot dog. The duration of the journey is from 1 to 2 hours and the degree of difficulty II. Also for the most sophisticated kayak enthusiasts, in the early spring, Sarantaporos, Kerasovitikos, and Sarantaporos himself, are sometimes referred to as descendants.

From the mountains of Konitsa, only the limestone rocks of Timfis are offered for climbing. The climbing field of Tymphis is one of the most remarkable and at the same time difficult climbing fields of Greece. From 1955 to the present day, and mainly on the Astraka (2436m) and Gamila (2497m) peaks, a number of climbing and creep routes
have been mapped, which include a variety of degrees of difficulty.

Mountain biking
The many forest dredges in Smolikas and Grammos that cross the slopes are offered for mountain biking and many wanderings with 4X4 vehicles. Parts of the asphalted provincial road network, such as the route to the villages of the plain from Konitsa to Molyvdoskepasti Monastery, the road between Pyrsogianni and Gorgopotamos in Grammos or between Eleftheros and Armatas in Smolikas are ideal for cycling due to the relatively soft slopes – in relation to the steep slopes – and the very beautiful mountainous landscape.

Horse riding
Horseback riding was one of the noble sports in the past. The evolution of technology and the turning of man into the machines have greatly removed the horse from our lives.
Most people today, especially young people and city dwellers, have lost contact with the horse, and perhaps many are the ones who are afraid of it. In recent years there has been a shift in the interests of the world and people are turning to activities that occur in nature as a means of relaxation, fun, entertainment and fleeing from the stress and hustle of cities. have begun to gain more and more friends. Usually these excursions are done with the participation of novice riders, without this meaning that there are no programs for more experienced ones. It’s a great and easy way to experience the fragrance of other times and feel a little knights. Today, trails with trained horses in the forest or alongside the river give you a sense of contact, cooperation with one of the proud animals of nature. Alternative tourism companies in the Konitsa region can offer unlimited opportunities to riding friends whether they are going through cross-country trails or rivers in the summer months.

Excursions with Jeep 4×4
Tours with four-wheel vehicles (4×4) on routes that conventional cars can not carry out. Routes are default off-road on dirt roads through forests and usually contain some other difficult points. The routes can all take place all year round when the weather conditions allow for a better period from spring to autumn. The rich forest road network of Smolikas, Grammos, Trapezitsa and Vasilitsa can offer the visitor unprecedented experiences in landscapes of a special natural beauty.

Flying Fox
The technique is called flying fox and it is extremely exciting, say those who have tried. It is aimed at all ages, as there are no health problems and some conditions of height and weight are met.
It is essentially a mountaineering technique that a climber needs to know in order to cross e.g. a gorge. The passage is overhead, the man is tied with ropes in a pulley mechanism and as he begins, making the big jump in the gap, hangs from the rope with his hands, his face looks towards the ropes and his back the chaos, while the his body has taken an animal stand. Provided that all safety conditions are met, there is the necessary equipment, an experienced trainer and, of course, the prudence and logic that enforces all the instructions of the teacher, then there is no danger. Your training will not take more than two hours, so pay attention and you will be ready for the big leap. The dip in the void takes a tilting breath, in other words it starts from very high and ends at 4-5 meters from the ground, so that at a safe distance now lay your feet and get ready for your landing. In Greece the heights that are crossed by “flying foxes” are more difficult, while abroad the term extreme finds in this sport its absolute application. The rope may have a length of 400 meters and a height of even 200 meters. Thus, the speed that is developed is dizzying, the blood begins and heats up, while the adrenaline is red. The magnificent imposing mountains and gorges in the wider area of ​​Konitsa are for those who wish to experience their flying fox.