A majestic bridge in a "legend" city!

The prefecture Arta is found in the north-western department of Greece and belongs geographically and administratively in the Continent, occupies the N.A department of Continent. It borders (b) on the prefectures Ioanninon and Trikalas, (A) on the prefectures Trikalas, Karditsa and Etoloakarnania, (n) on the N. Etoloakarnania, (d) on the N. Preveza and Ioanninon, while (n) it is also rained by Amvrakikos Trick. It has extent 1610 tetr. Km

Capital of prefecture is Arta. The current city are built in the left bank of river Arachthos in the same place that in the antiquity existed one from the more important cities of Greece, Ambrakia (one of the more perfect urban systems of antiquity). The city of Arta has population of 40.000 residents and abstains from Athens 360 km

The region has it elects a lot of natural beauties, as: the polytragoydismeno giofyri, the Byzantine castle, infrequent ydrobiotopo Amvrakikos of Trick, the old harbour with the museum of Lighthouses of Koprainas, the deltas of rivers Louros and Arachthos, imposing Tzoymerka, the Byzantine churches, immense portokaleona the plain, the therapeutical waters Chanopoyloy, and the innumerable natural landscapes particular good.

With basic cultures in Citrus fruits, Olives edible, Midiki, Maize, Cotton, Smoke, Kiwis, Horticultural countryside, Greenhouses and Remaining (backward – legumes, k.t.l). With livestock-farming (Aigoprobatotrofeia, ageladotrofeia, Choirotrofeia and dynamic Aviculture), with APICULTURE, with richly ALIEIAkai of naturally ektrofeia fish catches from best in Greece. With clues on existence of geothermal energy of in-depth beyond 500 metres, where the temperature of water exceeds the 60 degrees of Celsius.

With activation in the alternative tourism stocheymena:

In the ecotourism (observation of birds, fauna, flora, visits of water biotopes, k.l.p): Centre of Environmental Education Arachthos, Centre of information Salaoras, Observatory Round,

In the sports of adventure (eg raftingk, walk, parachute plagias k.l.p) D. KASELOYRIS (OVERLAND of SOUTHERN PINDOS), FORESTAL VILLAGE, Aeroleschi Arta, Mountaineering Association Arta, Park of Mountainous Activities),

In the cultural tours (eg visits in monasteries, churches, bridges, museums of folklore k.a, traditional settlements, archaeological spaces) – Museum of Classic Antiquities, Folklore Museum Skoyfa, Folklore Museum Karali, Historical museum Skoyfa, crowd of Byzantines, post byzantine churches and stone traditional bridges and finally

In the traditional craftsmanship and production of traditional sweets and raki (Agro-touristic Cooperative of Women Flies, Feminine Homemade Cooperative Biglas).