Ski and snowboard in great Metsovo slopes

Anilio Ski resort
The ski resort is located on 1690m – 1870m and has five slopes for every ski lover, amateur or professiona. There are a two seater 800m aerial lift, two new lifts (280m and 300m) and two baby lifts.Next to the ski resort there is a stone-built chalet with two fireplaces and a beautiful view. You can find a ski rental shop and a ski school in the resort.
The country’s newest ski resort features slopes for all levels of skiers and snowboarders, as well as snowboarding. The equipment includes a two-seater 800-meter lift, two brand new 280 and 300-meter slides, two baby lifts and two snowblowers.
Access to Anilio is very easy and it is safely and quickly via the Egnatia Motorway. Even with difficult weather conditions, the road is clean as it is degraded 24 hours a day by snowblowers.  Our ski center is located at the crossroads of Macedonia and Epirus, making it an ideal destination for small excursions from Ioannina, Preveza, Arta, Igoumenitsa, Trikala, Karditsa and Thessaloniki

Karakoli Ski resort
The ski resort is located at 1340m – 1520m altitude, just 1.5km away from Metsovo. The cable car is a live piece of history, as it was built in 1968 and operated until today! There are three slopes, 1,100m, 900m and 200m. There is an 800m aerial lift with a capacity of 82, used by skiers and visitors. In Karakoli an artificial track is operational too and a 72m tubing track. In the ski center there is a chalet with a cafeteria, a bar and a restaurant, a ski school and an equipment rental shop.

Profitis Ilias Ski resort
The ski resort is located on 1.360m – 1.620m altitude, close to Metsovo. The slopes are on hills with magnificent view of the Pindos mountain tops. There are five downhill slopes (two of 1200m, one of 100m, 300m and 150m), a 7km cross-road track, an aerial and three lifts (700m, 250m and 120m). In the ski resort you can find a chalet with a cafeteria, a bar and a restaurant, a ski school and an equipment rental shop. There is a bus ifnyou want to have a tour in the ski resort.

Walking Paths in Metsovo
The routes offered and the paths from Metsovo are too many and have a staggering difficulty, in one of the most beautiful regions of Epirus, Metsovo and the National Park of Valia Calda.

In our area, the Metsovo Race Mountain Race is taking place and six unique beauty paths start in one of the most beautiful areas of Greece and beyond.

Metsovo Race – Mountain Running Run
The Metsovo Athletic Club organizes already in 2013 in Metsovo the Mountain Runings Ursa Trail and In the Footsteps of Arkouda. These games have become not only an institution for the region but also an important part of the athletic calendar of athletes running our country and not only. The goal of the organizers through the route design is to bring the athlete through the bear’s habitat and to raise awareness of environmental issues and the brown bear.
The route passes through old paths that have been cleaned with much volunteer work and can now be used not only by athletes on the day of the race but by everyone for walking or mountaineering.
The total length of the Ursa Trail is 40 km. with 2.700m. height difference and the race “In the Footsteps of the Bear” 18km. with 940m. It passes through historical paths of particular aesthetics and natural values ​​of the area, with the first part of the Ultra Trail that forms an octagon to the east of Arachthos in the area of ​​Anilos and the second part that is the route of the small race west of Arachthos area of ​​Metsovo.

Walking trails in Metsovo

Prophet Elias-Flegga-Mavrovouni
Description: Profitis Ilias – rush Megouli: 1.30 hour, easy way without ascents. Rema Megouli – Lakkos Mavrovouni location: two hours, climbing to a moderate rocky path, passing through the shelter of Mavrovouni. At the Lakkos site there is a source of drinking water. Position Lakkos – Ears Flegga (two hours): The path in the form of a trail crossing the ridge of Mavrovouni is rocky and relatively rugged with a climb to its end. It passes through the Red Fountain, ends up at the Flegga lakes. At Ellia Flegga point: full visibility of the National Park of Valia Calda, the artificial lake of Aoos Springs and generally the largest part of northern Pindos. In the shelter of Mavrovouni there is the possibility of accommodating 30 people.

Metsovo- Tsouma Barba
Bucket of colors on the impressive paths of Metsovo.
The path starts from the position of Mirror in Metsovo and, after crossing the path of the horses, reaches the position of Prophet Elias. Then, via the Politsi plateau, it reaches the forest of Siopotou, which crosses, in the place of Hani Achilleas. It passes the Spanoura Pooga ridge and ends up at the top of Tsuma Barda in the middle of Lake Aoos Springs, where there is the only small climb. The path passes through many sources of drinking water and is generally easy to navigate.

Aoos-Tsuka Rosa Dam-Aoos Dam
Climbing  from medium to difficult. The route begins near the dam of Aoos Springs, at Pente Alonia. From there it ascends through a pine-covered area to the top of Tsouka Rosa (Kokkinarachi). From the middle of the ascent, then the beech forest prevails. Maximum climb altitude: 1.985m. at the top of Tsouka Rosa, where all the northern Pindos is visible. From there: downhill through a path leading to a forest road that crosses the area and reaches a small pond. Then cross the entire forest of Tucka Rosa, descending to Cage. Then, following the forest road along the Aoos River, arriving at the Aoos Dam, that is, at the beginning of the path.


E6 Mountaineering Path – Aoos River Dam
The route starts from the E6 mountain trail, where the core of the National Park of Valia Calda comes to its end, and bear’s river is joined by the Aoos River. After a rough climbing of about 30 minutes, you’ll arrive at the ridge of the Mourgou Forest. From there, for about an hour, the trail is quite inaccessible, steep and dug into dense vegetation. Continue to the Cave and the path 4 leading to the Aoos Dam. Formerly the path was part of the animal road between Metsovo and Vovousa. The area is a bear’s shelter.

Salatoura-Valia Calda-Flegga
The route starts from the village of Milia Metsovo and from an uphill path in a fantastic beech forest climb to Salatoura (the beginning of Valia Calda National Park). From there, climb a rocky path to Mavrovouni (location Three Borders). Then follow Route 1 to the top of Efia Flega (view to the whole of Pindos). There are many sources of drinking water on the way. The area is a refuge for the bear.