The National Park Tzoymerkon, Peristeri and Ravine Arachthos is a open land region roughly 900 km that geographically unfolds in the mountainous regions, the prefectures Ioanninon, Arta and Trikalas (Central department of mountain range of Pindos). In his limits it contains two big mountainous groups: Lakmo and Athamanika ori (or Tzoymerka). It was legislated in 2009, with presidential decree (OFFICIAL JOURNAL OF THE HELLENIC REPUBLIC 49D/12.02.2009).
The powerful relief, big hypsometric differences (144m. – 2.429m.) and the intense presence of aquatic element, contribute in the creation of many kinds of biotopes. In the different dwellings fyontai a lot of infrequent or even endemic species of plants. In the land ecosystems of region have been recorded 17 types of ecotopes and 30 types and ypotypoi aquatic ecotopes. In the different biotopes they seldom meet many and protected species of mammals as bidra, coffee bear, agriogido. The region is particularly important for the populations of birds, while have been recorded hundreds species of invertebrates, fishes, amphibians and reptiles.
The National Park constitutes an enormous open museum of folklore and combines with unique harmony, characteristically, so much the natural, what anthropogenic environment. Stone bridges, cultural monuments, traditional settlements, work from the hands of persons, which are combined harmoniously with the work of nature: very beautiful landscapes, steep mountains, gorges, caverns. This perfect sculptured coexistence structured with the natural environment, lends in the region her uniqueness.