Breathtaking 4 Season Epirus

Epirus has earned the title “Epirus of 4 seasons” as it is the top destination in Greece that provides you rich experiences throughout the year! The morphology of Epirus makes it ideal for any type of tourism that visitors love and search for!


Characteristic of the area? It is “extremely” mountainous! The imposing mountain peaks offer breathtaking pictures once the first snow falls. The scenic Zagorohoria, Tzoumerka and Metsovo are key points of interest for winter sports and endless walks on their scenic paths and of course you should not miss the events that take place.


It’s a little gloomy, with a ragged tinge, but always some sunshine will pop up to cheer your mood. It is a time that enchants with its colors and natural landscapes. Do not hesitate to spend time exploring the castle city of Ioannina, its tradition and th elocal tastes.  Also, make some small escapes to the islet as well as to the surrounding areas.


The ideal time for those who love outdoor activities! Cycling, rafting and canoe kayak in Voidomati river or hiking in Valia Calda! The weather favors excursions to the natural environment and trips to the beautiful stone villages like Konitsa. If you are thinking of visiting Epirus, make sure to enjoy the authentic, traditional Greek Easter in our place!


Summer is dedicated to the endless lacy beaches of Epirus. The seaside areas of Igoumenitsa and Preveza are bustling with people and promising a magical holiday. Parga and Sivota declare their exotic character with golden, sandy beaches that reminisce of Caribbean. The summers are full of music festivals, fresh seafood, traditions and local festivals.